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With us there is no questionnaire. Every situation is different, there is no standard procedure for that. We like a personal and direct approach and are happy to discuss the problem that has arisen by phone, email or WhatsApp. Click the orange button above and go directly to our contact information.
You can contact us with questions about cancelled and delayed flights, denied boarding, downgrading and lost luggage. Feel free to ask, no obligations.

After Covid-19, baggage handling problems and staff shortages, chaos at airports seems to be a thing of the past again. However, our wanderlust combined with vacation peaks can still cause problems such as delays or cancellations.
Often accompanied by uncertainty for you as a duped passenger. What should you do or not do? Questions like: where can I claim my money back? At the airline, the travel agency or at the airport? Will I even get my money back? What about other expenses incurred? I have to stay overnight, who will reimburse me?
Questions to which we may have the answers for you. And are you stuck or don’t know how to file the claim? We have the expertise and will go to court if necessary.
Feel free to look around our website or contact us directly:

– by phone: from the Netherlands 06-55828321 from abroad +316-55828321
– by e-mail info@fairclaim.nl

We provide personalized advice based on your experience and are happy to help you file the claim!

For detailed information please refer to the content of our website.



Blijf gezond

Did you have problems with your flight? Then you just found the right place  for assistance. You probably can claim compensation for the damage suffered, due to a delay, cancellation, denied boarding, involuntary degradation or a missed connection. We are happy to help you with this.

Millions* of airline passengers are entitled to compensation (*Schiphol has processed more than 20 million passengers in 2020). Your rights as a passenger are enshrined in the European Regulation 261/2004. Only 2% actually file a claim because there is still a lot of ignorance about passenger rights and any compensation. Did you know that you are already entitled to care and assistance in the event of a delay of two hours on all flights up to 1500 km? The compensations may consist of free meals and refreshments, overnight accommodation and related transfers, depending on the flight problem. The financial fees vary depending on, among other things, flight distance, from €250.00 to € 600.00. For example, you are already entitled to a fee of € 250.00 for a delay of 3 hours or more on a flight up to 1500 km and € 600.00 on a flight of more than 3500 km.

Of course we hope for you that your flight will go smoothly. However, if one of the above-mentioned flight problems applies to you, we are on standby to come up with a good solution for you. You can contact us without any obligation via email or phone. We work on a no cure no pay basis. So if we don’t get a result, you won’t be required to pay us.  For detailed information, please refer to the content of this site.

 Flight Problems? Let us know, it’s worth it.

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Problems with your flight? Please, let us know,
it`s worth it.
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